141 Obesity Research Topics & Essay Examples

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Definition Obesity is a disease characterized by excessive accumulation of fat in the body, leading to an increase in body weight. The diagnosis is made when the patient’s body weight exceeds the norm by more than 20%.
Specialty Endocrinology
History Since the 17th century, obesity has been viewed as a medical problem. In the literature, descriptions of cases of obesity have appeared that have been recorded in the history. The English physician Thomas Sydenham (1624-1689), followed by the Dutch doctor Malcolm Fleming, first pointed out that obesity can be considered a disease, since it impedes body functions. In 1948, obesity received an independent place in the international classification of diseases.
Symptoms Main symptoms of obesity include: enlargement of body parts and change in their ratio, shortness of breath, tachycardia, heartburn, esophageal reflux, decrease in muscle mass, joint pain, and episodic high blood pressure.
Causes In most cases, obesity develops due to excessive food intake (90% of cases), reduced energy expenditure due to a sedentary lifestyle, and metabolic disorders. However, doctors consider obesity as a complex disease that develops from several causes. Main factors include external, internal, hereditary, and hormonal.
Prevention To prevent obesity, it is enough to correlate the calorie content of food with energy consumption, observe the daily routine, and provide intense physical activity for at least 2 hours a week.
Diagnostic Method Overweight people turn to an endocrinologist or a nutritionist. Doctor calculates BMI and ideal weight according to the formula of Brock, Devine or Robinson, and evaluates body fat based on the ratio of waist to hips. Additionally, the doctor should gather anamnesis of the patient’s life: the presence of overweight in the next of kin, features of the profession, lifestyle, and nutrition.
Treatment Treatment of obesity is carried out in a complex and includes: diet, physical activity, medicines prescribed by a doctor, and treatment of complications (if any).
Duration There is no certain duration for the disease, as its course is highly individual for every patient.
Prognosis The prognosis depends on the presence of complications in the form of systemic and organic diseases. Overall, every 10% weight loss reduces the risk of developing diabetes and obesity-related cancers by 30% and 40%, respectively. Weight loss can reduce the load on the cardiovascular system, unload the joints, prevent the development of heart complications, hypertension, degenerative and inflammatory diseases of the joints.
Complications Obesity increases the risk of developing life-threatening diseases such as atherosclerosis, hypertension, diabetes mellitus, stroke, myocardial infarction, kidney and liver disease. In addition, obesity can lead a person to disability. Diseases such as influenza, SARS, pneumonia and many other diseases in obese patients are more severe and prolonged, often with a number of complications.
Frequency in Population According to 2017–2018 data from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES), nearly 1 in 3 adults (30.7%) are overweight, more than 2 in 5 adults (42.4%) have obesity, and about 1 in 11 adults (9.2%) have severe obesity.
Deaths Obesity has reached epidemic proportions globally, with at least 2,8 million people dying each year as a result of being overweight or obese.
Society The problem of obesity is becoming more and more urgent and begins to pose a social threat to people’s lives, regardless of their social and professional affiliation, area of ​​residence, age, and gender.

Obesity Research Papers Examples

  1. The study compares the effectiveness of education of parents about healthy lifestyles with pharmacotherapy for obesity in reducing negative outcomes of obesity and it preventing.
  2. Obesity is a global problem that increases the risk of developing related diseases. This illness is also associated with increased mortality.
  3. The problem of childhood obesity is one of the central concerns of modern healthcare. Several aspects limit opportunities for children`s physical activities.
  4. In adults, aged 20-65 diagnosed with obesity, will a nurse-led educational intervention as compared to standard medical care decrease obesity rates.
  5. Pediatric obesity that is found among children with body mass index (BMI) 95 and more is one of the most crucial forms of weight issues.
  6. The purpose of this paper is to compare and contrast two studies on obesity and endometrial cancer, with a close focus on their hypotheses, methods, and findings.
  7. The given research is focused on the problem of obesity, particularly on the efficaciousness of sports exercises in comparison with medication therapy.
  8. The costs of healthcare are bound to rise for a nation where many people suffer from obesity and related diseases.
  9. This study investigates alteration in behaviors and lifestyles as one of the efficient ways to manage obesity and preserve the appropriate state of health.
  10. This essay presents a methodology for research childhood obesity, including extraneous variables, instruments, description of the intervention, and data collection procedures.
  11. An after-school obesity prevention program is a planned intervention. It is educating children and their parents on the significance of a healthy diet and physical exercises.
  12. The outcome of the research will provide evidence-based guidance on the required policies and interventions to help manage childhood obesity in the United States.
  13. Obesity plays a substantial role in adipocytokine dysregulation which is suggested to be a pathogenic trigger of insulin resistance and other diabetes-related problems.
  14. This essay presents the methodology of the community nursing intervention, including a plan for data analysis for demographic variables and study variables.
  15. The role of school-based physical activity in affecting childhood obesity is an important issue that is widely discussed in the scholarly literature.
  16. The prevalence of childhood obesity has been rising in different countries. In the US, this condition is an epidemic, and the most affected age group is between 6 and 11 years.
  17. The socio-ecological model can be applied to childhood obesity directly through an ecodevelopmental perspective. Parents are identified as an influence on a child’s behavior.
  18. The implementation of obesity healthcare policy is a significant step in eliminating the spread of this serious healthcare problem.
  19. Obesity in Hispanics is related to generational poverty. This paper discusses obesity issues in Hispanic population group in presentation form.
  20. Childhood obesity is one of the major health challenges impacting affecting the global healthcare sector in general and the US society, in particular.
  21. While school-based physical activity interventions could be effective in reducing obesity prevalence, it is also essential to address children’s diet.
  22. Obesity is a problem that bothers millions of people around the whole world. The policy to combat obesity is characterized by a number of positive issues.
  23. Pediatric obesity is a crucial public health problem in the United States and internationally due to severe complications of the condition.

Essay Ideas on Obesity

  1. The modern world is dominated by two overarching tendencies – nutrition deficiency and overweight, which accounts for a great deal of polarization on the issue.
  2. The article by Bourassa et al. aims at analyzing the causes of obesity in children with mental and behavioral problems and finding solutions to these causes.
  3. Childhood obesity risk among overweight women is higher if to compare with other families adhering to appropriate dietary and nutritional behaviors.
  4. Because of the direct influence of parents on the success of weight management interventions, the researchers wanted to explore how effective programs involving parents would be.
  5. The nursing-focused plan is to design a lifestyle intervention that would reduce fast-food consumption in children, thus decreasing their risk of obesity.
  6. Childhood obesity is a problem that has diverse aspects, so it demands a careful analysis to come to a single conclusion about the most suitable methods of preventing and managing it.
  7. The problem of obesity in children is an important medical issue since overweight at an early age is fraught with dangerous health effects.
  8. In this paper the analysis of an anti-obesity intervention that includes physical exercises, diet, education, and monitoring sessions will be developed.
  9. The systematic review addressed the issue of the motivational interviewing potential in affecting weight loss.
  10. Childhood obesity could be one of the most prominent and pressing issues in modern-day pediatric health issues, affecting minors throughout the US.
  11. Health professionals form a crucial section with respect to the tackling of obesity among children and teenagers.
  12. The research problem that led to this study is the inadequacy of the current childhood obesity treatment programs in dealing with this health condition.
  13. This paper includes information concerning obesity prevalence, treatment, prevention, associated stress and its management, and disparity related to this health problem.
  14. The purpose of this paper is to come up with a lesson for children diagnosed with obesity and their relatives. The lesson will target three groups of people, including children, their parents, and medical staff.
  15. This paper addresses the childhood obesity problem and discovers the inconsistency between the existing programs and their implementation in real life.
  16. In order to fight childhood obesity statewide and improve the overall levels of health for our nation, the USA requires taking a more proactive stance.
  17. The problem of childhood obesity is an important part of the list of health problems since such an issue at an early stage may cause serious consequences in the future.
  18. The levels of obesity in U.S. children not only remain stable, but they also increase while indicating the lack of working policies and strategies.
  19. The main finding of the systematic review article is that the implementation of EBP interventions positively impacts weight reduction among obese children.
  20. Childhood obesity is one of the common lifestyle diseases in contemporary times, and its prevalence is on the rise.
  21. It is essential to restate the immense importance of the problem of childhood obesity in the contemporary society of the United States.
  22. Obesity has become a global epidemic in the 21st century. This paper defines obesity and highlights its epidemiology, clinical presentation, complications, and diagnosis.
  23. Many children today suffer from obesity and it increases the rate of diseases and fatalities in the children population.

Good Obesity Essay Topics to Write about

  1. The completed research study analyzed the problem of childhood obesity and proposed the most appropriate strategies to deal with it.
  2. “Incidence of Childhood Obesity in the United States” states that in many cases, children with significant birth weight and Afro-American heritage have a predisposition towards developing obesity.
  3. Pediatric obesity is an essential issue in the modern world since it affects children of different genders and origins.
  4. Obesity is one of the major health problems occurring in people and is not only caused by genetic factors but also due to environmental causes.
  5. If one is well aware of the impact and future consequences of obesity this assertion is easy to make. First there is the health issue.
  6. The main issue is to point out the significance of the specially-oriented medical examination of children with obesity.
  7. In this paper, a nursing care plan for obesity that is caused by imbalanced nutrition will be developed to provide nurses with a guide on what they should know about obesity.
  8. American society has to face major public health issues. Such diseases as cancer, cardiovascular disorders, diabetes are some of the primary areas of concern.
  9. This paper describes various aspects of a study to be conducted on adult obesity: plan to protect Human Rights, limitations of the proposed study, and implications for practice.
  10. American society has to face major public health issues. Cancer, cardiovascular disorders, diabetes are regarded as some of the primary areas of concern.
  11. To avoid further health problems in their adult life, they should be diagnosed with obesity in time and receive proper treatment.
  12. Based on the information in the articles, several evidence-based practice changes can be suggested for the proper nursing practice towards obese patients’ management.
  13. The purpose of the following research paper is to examine the community nurse role in terms of the childhood obesity issue in the example of the case study provided in the setting.
  14. The case of the patient’s obesity was analyzed in terms of his clinical manifestations and functional patterns to clarify if bariatric surgery is an alternative.
  15. The acuteness of obesity should be addressed by healthcare organizations to prevent the population from any further complications.
  16. It is vital to address this public health concern in younger populations to prevent and timely treat the condition to maintain healthy adulthood for the population.
  17. The purpose of the study was to evaluate the efficacy of a school-based intervention for obesity with the objective of improving diet, activity, and BMI among obese adolescents.
  18. Obesity in children and adults is diagnosed based on the measurement of the body mass index BMI. Childhood obesity can lead to the development of severe and even deadly diseases.
  19. Children with obesity grow up in adults with the same problem and could become a burden for the government because such people could become unable to work in the neglected case.
  20. The paper includes statistics on adolescent obesity, a discussion of the economic and social marketing considerations affecting the implementation of the health promotion campaign.
  21. This essay discusses obesity and recommends participation in muscle-strengthening activities thus reducing its prevalence.
  22. Obesity remains one of the most serious health public issues. One of the Healthy People 2020 objectives is to promote healthy diets and maintain healthy body weights.
  23. This essay aims to analyze two qualitative studies to provide background information and support on obesity in patients between the ages of 40 and 60.

Best Obesity Essay Titles

  1. Relationship Between Obesity and Type 2 Diabetes
  2. Obesity and the Australian Public Health Debate
  3. Prevention and Intervention Plan for Childhood Obesity
  4. Sarcopenia and Sarcopenic Obesity in Patients With Muscular Dystrophy
  5. Obesity and Relevant Nursing Theories
  6. The number of overweight children in most of the states has been on an upward trend despite the increased media campaigns sensitizing the public on this health condition.
  7. Biochemical and Hormonal Changes in Childhood Obesity
  8. The Definition and Prevalence of Obesity and Metabolic Syndrome
  9. Obesity and the Effects of the Increase Weight on the Health and Physical Body of a Child
  10. Prevention Road for Escaping Child Obesity
  11. Bariatric Surgery The Quick Fix to Obesity
  12. Relation Between Childhood Obesity and Cardiometabolic Disease Synthesis
  13. Adipose Tissue-resident Immune Cells in Obesity and Type 2 Diabetes
  14. Prescription Medications to Treat Overweight & Obesity
  15. Direct and Indirect Determinants of Obesity: The Case of Indonesia
  16. Obesity and Kidney Disease: Hidden Consequences of the Epidemic
  17. Diabetes, High Cholesterol, Obesity, and High Blood Pressure
  18. Causal and Contributing Factors of Obesity
  19. Relationship Between Obesity and Physical Activity
  20. Diabetes and Sarcopenic Obesity: Pathogenesis, Diagnosis, and Treatments
  21. Unhealthy Eating and Poor Diet Cause Juvenile Obesity
  22. For Obesity Variant Circuitry and Adipocyte Browning in Humans
  23. Chronic Adipose Tissue Inflammation Linking Obesity to Insulin Resistance and Type 2 Diabetes
  24. Child’s Obesity, Cognitive Function Linked Study Finds
  25. Though obesity in children has an intricate etiology, the home setting controls the weight of children through shaping their physical exercise.
  26. Constitutional Obesity vs Acquired Obesity and Their Cardiovascular Risks
  27. Preventing, Treating, and Controlling Childhood Obesity
  28. Adiponectin, Leptin, and Visfatin in Hypoxia and Its Effect for Weight Loss in Obesity
  29. Diet-induced Obesity and Circadian Disruption of Feeding Behavior
  30. Obesity and Its Impact on Health in Canada’s Aboriginal Population
  31. Affluence, Obesity and Non-communicable Diseases in India
  32. Adipose-tissue and Intestinal Inflammation Visceral Obesity and Creeping Fat
  33. Vanillin Alleviates High Fat Diet-induced Obesity and Improves the Gut Microbiota Composition
  34. The Dietary Drug Xenical: A Breakthrough in Combating Obesity
  35. Obesity and the Important Role of Parents and Schools in Preventing the Health Issue
  36. Arguments for and Against Obesity as a Disease
  37. Calories, Obesity and Health in OECD Countries
  38. Anti Obesity Drug That Prevents Liver Diseases
  39. Adult Obesity and Its Effects on Our Health
  40. Aging, Obesity, and Inflammatory Age-related Diseases
  41. The Connection Between Obesity and Type II Diabetes
  42. Hypertension and Obesity: How Weight-loss Affects Hypertension

❓ Obesity Research Questions

  1. Can Breastfeeding Prevent Childhood Obesity?
  2. How does Dietary Choice Impact the Risk of Obesity?
  3. Why Dietary Therapy Works Best for the Treatment of Childhood Obesity Critical Thinking Sample?
  4. What Is the Growth of Obesity in Georgia?
  5. Are People With Anorexia or Obesity Deviant?
  6. Why Science Will Not Solve the Obesity Problem?
  7. Why Is the Obesity Epidemic Linked to Nutrition Education?
  8. How Obesity Affects Epidemiology?
  9. Does Healthy Food Prevent Obesity?
  10. How Obesity Affects Lung Function and Health?
  11. What Is the Association Between Obesity and Prescribed Medication in England?
  12. Why Have Obesity Trends Increased in the United States?
  13. What Are the Current Challenges in Brown Fat Thermogenesis To Fight Obesity?
  14. How has Obesity Affects America for the Past Thirty Years?
  15. How Has Obesity Changed Society?
  16. Food Addiction and Obesity: Do Macronutrients Matter?
  17. Is There a Relationship Between Inequality and Obesity?
  18. Childhood Overweight and Its Results on the Obesity Epidemic?
  19. How Does the Childhood Obesity Rates Compare in Wales and USA?
  20. Does Sugar Addiction Cause Obesity?
  21. Body Type and Obesity: What Factors Causes Obesity?
  22. Does Health Insurance Encourage Obesity?
  23. Does Smoking Affect Body Weight and Obesity in China?
  24. How Did Childhood Obesity Become a Deadly Epidemic?
  25. Why Has Childhood Obesity Become a Paramount Problem in the United States?
  26. What Is the Link Between Teenage Obesity and Severe Obesity in Adults?
  27. Does Increased Daytime Sleep Correlate to Obesity?
  28. What Are the Nutritional Factors Influencing Obesity?
  29. Exercise and Adipose Tissue Macrophages: New Frontiers in Obesity Research?
  30. Brown Adipose Tissue Therapeutic Target in Obesity?

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